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What Are Some Common Cases Handled by a Private Detective?

Are you wondering if a private detective can handle your case? Private detectives are working to fill a very important role in society today. They frequently take care of matters not handled by other specialists yet play an essential role in the court or business system.

This blog will highlight three common cases handled by a private investigator.

Background checks

If you have been looking for some critical details about a person or a friend, then background checks are the most appropriate investigation to conduct. Many private detectives such as RWJ INVESTIGATIONS have a wealth of expertise in this field. They offer various background check packages depending on your particular situation.

Background checks can be utilized for employment and housing complex admission to understand a person's history, credit, etc. It also may be undertaken when a person becomes romantically engaged with another individual and wants to determine if he or she has anything in the closet.

Family law

A dispute involving family law is another typical occasion for employing the services of a private investigator. When gathering evidence for a civil trial, such as one involving divorce or a dispute over child custody, it is possible to retain the services of private detectives. They could also be employed to assist in the search for a missing individual or the relocation of adopted members of a family.

In the context of divorce, private investigators are frequently utilized for various purposes, including discovering assets that have been concealed during the divorce process or uncovering assets when a parent is behind on child support or spousal support payments.

Suppose one party is getting alimony from the other. In that case, the ex-spouse may retain a private detective's services to determine whether the recipient is cohabitating with a new romantic partner and, if so, whether or not this constitutes sufficient grounds to discontinue spousal support.


A key motive for hiring a private investigator is to have the detective perform surveillance on a certain target. If you are suspecting there might be someone stalking you or you have an abusive ex-partner, you can hire a private detective to assess any possibility of harm.

Surveillance may also be requested in civil proceedings, such as when an insurance provider attempts to collect evidence regarding a person who claims to have suffered a serious injury. Other cases that may require surveillance services include; workers' benefits, personal injury, corporate fraud, and suspicions of infidelity.

Other investigations

A private investigator will also carry out various types of investigations. Certain inquiries may involve insurance firms, corporate operations, domestic workers, the integrity of a business partner, information loss, and other such topics. These investigators may uncover facts that would have remained hidden otherwise. The investigators look into a situation and uncover any crime committed or anyone ruining company operations.


Do you want to hire a private detective for your custom case? A private investigator can perform varied cases, including background checks, surveillance, family issues, etc. Contact RWJ INVESTIGATIONS for any private detective services.

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