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R. Wesley Jones

Raziel Wesley Jones graduated from Washington College with a Bachelor of Arts degree before going on to earn his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2013. Throughout his undergraduate degree, Raziel held a position with a small boutique detective agency, giving him his first taste of PI work. After several years working as an attorney for a large firm, Raziel found himself dissatisfied with corporate work, and decided to follow his passion, reentering the field of private investigation in 2019. 

Raziel began his experience as a PI doing domestic work before transitioning to focus on insurance and workers compensation, and continues to enjoy the work he does for his clients. Raziel believes his experience as an attorney was essential in creating an effective background for PI work, he commits to a particularly intensive form of investigating that assures evidence will hold up in court. Raziel lives with his wife and two dogs in Baltimore, Maryland

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