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Hear it From Past Clients

This year I had unfortunately discovered a shocking truth that had been hidden for 50 years in a shoe box. In that box contained a few photos of a gentleman and my grandmother standing side by side embraced & in wedding attire. Except this gentleman was not the familiar face of my grandfather I had grown up and loved for my entire 26 years of life. This man in fact was my mothers biological father that was hidden away and swept under a rug to never be found out. This fueled me to search online with only a few photos I was able to only come up with a name and the date of the marriage. I spent hours trying to find anything but I was getting absolutely nowhere. This is when Robert so kindly extended a helping hand in such a confusing time of my life.

From the very start Robert was always kind & professional he made me feel at ease knowing I could trust him with my personal information. And had all the appropriate paperwork needed in moving forward with the investigation. Thanks to Robert's tireless help he then promptly contacted me with key information such as address, email & even a phone number so I can take the next steps forward in contacting my grandfather when I am ready to. I am absolutely blessed to be able to get the answers I need when so many others don't have that opportunity. Please do not hesitate to hire Robert for any detective work you need done he is not only efficient but caring.

Hailey Schmidt

I was estranged from my father for about 15 years, but as I am about to start my own family, I wanted to have some closure. I attempted to find him on multiple occasions using some premium people search tools, but found very little information. It was clear that I needed a professional, so I contacted Bob. I was impressed by his legal background and history of success, as well as his reasonable quote for the work. I felt very confident from our first conversation that he was the best person for the job. He explained everything thoroughly, and kept in close contact with me throughout the process. He was able to access databases and information that I would have never been able to obtain on my own. 

Sadly, his investigation discovered that my father had passed away. This is difficult news to break, and I was so appreciative of the way Bob handled and delivered this delicate information. He was able to obtain the death certificate and went above and beyond to confirm my father's identity and the cause of his passing. Bob delivered this information in a clearly written report, and I am happy to say that with the report and documents he provided, my family will be able to obtain some of the military and legal benefits we are entitled to. Without Bob's thorough report and investigative work, we would not be able to do this. I finally feel like I have the closure I sought for so long. I am so grateful to Bob for all that he has done, and I highly recommend him to anyone needing investigative work! 

Kris Kelley Majors

I've been using Wesley for service of process in domestic cases for a long time. He is reliable and gets the job done quickly. He's been able to find people who are attempting to evade service and has even found people for whom we did not have any valid address. I would highly recommend Wesley's services both for private process service and private investigation.

Kelley Spigel, The Law Office of Kelley Spigel

We are a community centered legal program. As part of our program, we litigate against community injustices. Litigation can be long and grueling, and requires multiple partnerships in its different stages. We try and engage partnerships that engender our organizational values. This is what led us to RWJ Investigations. We had partnered with a number of businesses in the past to make service and help initiate our lawsuits, but had not found one grounded in our community values. Upon meeting with and working with Wesley, we felt we could stop looking. Wesley understood what our work meant to us and was invested in assisting our mission. Beyond connecting in values, Wesley was knowledgeable about court processes, and has quickly been able to get the job done. We are excited to have a long-term partner.

Matt Zernhelt, Baltimore Legal Action Team

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